March 26, 2014

2014: A Web Odyssey


This is it, my new website. I've come a long way. Slowly my style and tastes have changed and evolved into what they are now, and my previous site was slowly but inevitably becoming less and less appealing to me. I needed a change, and a change is what you see. The next step in my creative evolution. I like clean design, type, and making art. This new design fulfills every bit of that. It's not revolutionary, but it's mine, and I like it.

On the homepage I pull in a series of the most recent images from my instagram account. I approached it this way with the hopes that every time someone visits my site it will be different, they'll get a different experience than the last person who visited. With that, writing, and my art, this site will slowly be filled with more and more of the things I care about and created.

So, take a look around, this is my new home on the web. It spans back, travels time, pushes forward, and fits in anything. If you've enjoyed your stay, please let me know!